WordPress Support

4 important reasons to keep your site maintained & supported.


Possibly the most important reason. WordPress is a popular target for hackers and keeping everything up to date minimises the risk of an attack succeeding.

Bug Fixes

Regular maintenance will keep bugs squashed and everything running smoothly for your users. A buggy site is a site that’s going to see users dropping out and not converting.

Site Optimization

If your WordPress website is running at optimal speed then user experience will be that much better. See your site run at peak performance with an optimized database & codebase.

SEO Reports

Ever wonder what your users are doing on your site? Get an SEO report each month outlining areas of strength and weakness. Take action to improve the traffic to your site and user engagement.

Care for your WordPress website

Subscribe now to our WordPress Site Care and have us support your site’s updates, security, performance and SEO.


$100.00per month
  • Free Setup
  • WordPress Core updates
  • Theme updates
  • Plugin updates


$200.00per month
  • Basic Plan plus
  • Site & database optimization
  • Manual run-through of site
  • Security scan


$300.00per month
  • Simple Plan plus
  • Daily backups
  • Uptime monitor
  • Data compression


$400.00per month
  • Advanced Plan plus
  • SEO report
  • Priority support
  • Performance and bug advice
Need a bespoke management plan?

Site Care Dashboard & Reports

Comprehensive reports authored every month & delivered straight to your Site Care Dashboard.
Site Care Dashboard

Site Care Questions?

If you would like to speak to an agent, please get in touch here

How does Site Care work?

We will contact you to introduce ourselves and request credentials to your  site so that  we can make a copy of your live site. Then, we will create a sub-domain on globotek.net where the clone of your live site will live. Each month, we will synchronise our version to the live site so we’re working on the latest version. Once updates are completed in the safety of our copy, your live site will be updated.

What’s included in Site Care?

You will get peace of mind, sage in the knowledge that experts are taking care of keeping your website secure, fast and optimized. Each month will see a report arrive in your inbox and be posted to your Client Area Site Care Dashboard. We will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and ready to jump in to action should you need some support beyond updates, security & optimizations.

Will my subscription auto-renew?

Your subscription will renew automatically each month and you’re free to cancel, upgrade or downgrade at anytime. We will keep your site on our servers for 3 months but will no longer update or monitor it so if it’s just a pause you’re after, rest assured that you can return within 3 months and we can pick up where we left off.

What will you need from me?

For us to be able to update your site and keep it updated, we’ll need a few things from you. These are FTP & database access and an administrator account on the site. Typically, hosting companies allow you to delegate access to your hosting account and if possible, that would serve best so we can do everything we need.

What is your refund policy?

If you are unhappy with the maintenance and management service we’re giving your WordPress website, we will be happy to refund you your last month’s subscription charge and remove all trace of your site from our servers. Your account will remain active and the reports retained. Please note though, that we do not offer refunds on the first month after subscribing.

How can I pay?

You can pay using credit and debit cards or PayPal if you prefer, both options will be available to you on the checkout page.