Power Yoga

A complete video streaming, events & holiday sales for a popular and booming San Francisco Yoga studio

Project Description

Power Yoga required a new website for their online subscription business, offering customers online yoga videos. The existing site was on a system which offered little in the way of flexibility or ability to extend the site beyond what the platform offered. GloboTek worked with Power Yoga to develop a provided design into a site which offered subscriptions and protected content against non-subscribers. Additional features were included such as an events calendar and the ability to sell rooms for the yoga holidays Power Yoga organises.

Key Features

  • Custom Design
  • Custom Theme
  • Subscription Membership
  • Import of existing customer data from Infusionsoft to WooCommerce and Stripe
  • Integration with Viddler video hosting service
  • Subscription based content visibility
  • Provision for selling rooms at organised yoga retreats
  • Integration of event calendar  with custom styling

Project Specifics

Completion: Autumn 2015

Project Duration: 12 weeks

Approx. Budget: $12,000 / £6,720

Power Yoga Logo

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