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When Scraptastic Club engaged us in 2015, they had an existing site that had only recently been completed. The issue was that the quality of the design was low and the site was riddled with bugs. GloboTek was tasked with redesigning very aspect of the brand and developing a new, easy to manage site that was quick and reliable.

Scraptastic Club had a few very interesting features requests such as loyalty reward points and a monthly subscription box. Each month, users were required to pick which product they would like to receive from a curated selection of 3 boxes. Purchases accrued points which would translate into cash discounts on future purchases.

We worked closely with the business owner to understand the target market and develop a design that was appealing to them. Scraptastic Club had good brand awareness in the USA and a strong following so it was important. As such, getting the message right was essential to attract new customers from competitors. Furthermore, the site needed to make the process of managing orders and dispatching subscriber boxes simpler and quicker. All of these was achieved and led to higher conversion rates.

Services Provided

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
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Scraptastic Club wanted to take the opportunity to freshen up the style of their brand as a new website was being built.

A selection of fonts & colours was chosen that embodied the marketplace & product. We wanted to use fonts that looked artistic & crafty but fit the flat, pastel design philosophy that was established in the new styleguide.
Scraptastic Club Logo

Logo Design

Part of Scraptastic Club's rebrand, was to develop a new logo that was clean, modern & fashionable.

The previous logo was very busy with many bright & bold colours. GloboTek's design team produced a logo that was instantly recognisable & reflected the company's product & target audience.
Scraptastic Club Homepage Design

Web Design

It was important to keep the design of the site simple & focused on the products. Scraptastic Club had a vast library of products with new products being curated & released each month. This was in addition to the monthly subscription product that was a priority.

The design GloboTek produced aimed to keep the user's focus on the product offerings while being aesthetically pleasing.
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Simplified process, increased conversions

Scraptastic Club's subscription box system & loyalty reward system was fully overhauled to make managing the system a breeze.
Conversions increased with the simplified order process & intuitive customer UI.

Scraptastic Homepage on iMac

Key Features


Powered by WooCommerce Subscriptions, Scraptastic Club operates a monthly subscription system where each subscriber receives a choice of kits from the store. The site gives both site owner & user easy access to make changes to their monthly subscription.

Reward Points System

Each purchase receives a set quantity of points which tally to convert to gift vouchers. These are visible and stored within the user's account area so they can keep track of their reward points and anticipate their next gift vouchers. The system leverages the power of WooCommerce to track & issue discount codes.

Bespoke Store Design

Scraptastic Club receive a design to compliment the brand & the industry. The design was developed to appeal to the target audience and generate the best possible conversion ratios thanks to an intuitive site structure & aesthetically, yet functional, frontend design.

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