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Fixed Cost Bespoke Websites

If you're after a bespoke, custom built website at a fixed price; then our package deals are for you

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So you want a new website but don’t know where to start?

There’s a vast array of different options and approaches you can take to getting a new website up and running. One option for your consideration, is to take advantage of our range of custom WordPress website packages.

Harness the power and flexibility of a bespoke website, custom built to your exact needs and specification. Take advantage of faster website speed, better search ranking and higher conversion rates.

Custom Website Design

Each bespoke website starts with a custom website design tailored to your brand and customers. We will consult with you to help understand your company. Furthermore, we research the market, your product or service and evaluate the competition. From there, a range of concept designs are produced for your evaluation. Once a concept is approved, the full design is produced.

Learn More About Bespoke, Custom Built Websites

We spent some time weighing up the pros and cons of bespoke websites. We looked at why a custom design might be better and how a bespoke WordPress theme can benefit your brand.

Take the unknown out of a bespoke website build

Bespoke websites don't need to be expensive when you take the unknown out of the equation. With a GloboTek bespoke website package, you know up front what it's going to cost.

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Basic Starter Site

Get online quickly & cheaply with a basic site to give your brand an online presence.

Packages start at


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Deluxe Starter Site

Start selling & focus on what you're good at. The Basic Ecommerce Site package uses a feature rich WooCommerce store.

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Basic Ecommerce Site

Want something more tailored to your brand or have specific requirements? A bespoke starter site will fit the bill.

Advanced Websites

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Bespoke Corporate Site

Want to inform potential customers about your product or service in great detail? The Bespoke Corporate Site package has everything you need.

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Premium Ecommerce Site

If you're after a standard format Ecommerce site, but with a truly unique look & feel, then a Bespoke Ecommerce website will deliver that.

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Ecommerce Platform

Designed to cover the likes of auction sites, membership sites. This package builds a platform rather than a standard format store.

Why Is A Bespoke Website Better?

Unique Design

Stand out from the crowd with a custom website design. Give your brand greater credibility with a design tailored to your business and target audience.

Faster Loading

All our bespoke websites are built super-efficiently resulting in lightning fast loading speeds.

Easily Extendable

Website design evolves, as does your business. A custom built, bespoke website means you can easily make additions and changes to the site's core structure, functionality or design.

Custom Functionality

Custom websites are built from the ground up so whatever functionality you want can be included. As long as it's technically possible,

Better Search Ranking

Code structure is critical to ranking well on search engines. Mate a custom website design to a custom website build and you're ready to sore up the rankings.

Higher Converting

Thanks to having complete control over the design, your site will be designed to speak to your target market and turn visitors into customers.