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Don't have your users feel like they're pushing water uphill. A pixel perfect, bug free, lightning fast website will have visitors in seventh heaven.

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You’ve got a great brand image, smart looking logo and a website design that dazzles which is all looking awesome. However, all that falls by the wayside if the subsequently developed website doesn’t work properly.

There is nothing more frustrating for a visitor of your website than a site that loads slowly, doesn’t work on their phone or behaves unexpectedly when they click a button. A poorly developed website does not rank well on search engines and visitors will give your site about 3 seconds to impress before they simply find another website to satisfy their search query.

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Asset Preparation

We will take the design files provided and examine them for assets that go into development and prepare the designs for development.

The design templates are split up and uploaded to a platform that gives us exact dimensions and figures for developing the design into a pixel perfect replica in code.

The likes of icons and background graphics are separated from the design files and prepared for usage. The assets are resized and compressed to minimise the file size and help with producing a fast website.

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Data Structure Preparation

As the frontend team are busy prepping the visuals, the backend team are looking at how the data is going to be managed. Each design element is examined to ascertain what data needs storing where in the database.

The backend team maps out the fields required to enter the data to be saved and how that data is then retrieved from the database to be injected into the templates to make them dynamic.

2 - 5 days

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Frontend Development

During frontend development, we turn the design - which up till now is just an image - into code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is at this point things start to look a bit like a website - albeit a static one with no pages or content.

The frontend development phase works purely on the visual aspect of the site. It is the process of converting the design into code which the backend development phase then brings to life.

1 - 12 weeks

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Backend Development

Backend development is an exciting phase of the process. It is at this point that life is breathed into the site and the likes of buttons and links start to actually do something.

The admin interface is setup for you to quickly and easily manage content and the website in general. Templates are split up and prepared to be made into a WordPress theme and any required functionality coded up.

1 - 12 weeks

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A period of thorough testing is conducted to eliminate any technical, user interface or user experience bugs. Once the full site is operational, it is important to ensure it is stable, reliable, intuitive and perfect!

Anything we find which requires a tweak to a feature is reported back and we can then evaluate how to improve it to make it just right.

1 - 2 weeks

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A site that gets hacked can literally kill a business. As such, it is the first priority of any site build that hackers are kept out and the data is kept safe. For the likes of eCommerce sites, customer records are stored on the server so it's paramount this information remains locked away from prying eyes.


Site speed is a factor in multiple scenarios when it comes to websites. Search ranking and user retention are the two big ones. A slow site doesn't rank as well as a comparable site loading in half the time. Research shows that people will very quickly switch off a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Our target is under 2 seconds!


If your website phases in and out of being online, it's quickly going to drop down the search rankings and frustrate users to the point they'll leave. Particularly important for the likes of membership sites where people come back day after day and spend long periods of time on the site.