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WordPress Plugin Development

Extend your site's features & functionality with a custom WordPress plugin

WordPress Plugin Development

The WordPress CMS offers a very powerful plugin architecture to allow developers to expand a site’s features and functionality. WordPress plugin development is at the core of what makes WordPress so powerful and the most popular content management system on the planet!

Plugins add features and functionality such as custom post types & taxonomies, custom fields, eCommerce, booking systems, image galleries, social networking and much more.

A plugin does whatever you can imagine, as long as it’s technically possible. Our WordPress plugin development teams are vastly experienced. We have built a vast array of different plugins from ID scans & checks through to entire social networking frameworks.

Why develop a custom WordPress plugin do?

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Features and Functionality

In WordPress, themes style the site and structure the page layouts. While themes do house functionality, that functionality is unique to the theme. A plugin adds features that are independent of the theme in use.

Our WordPress plugin development teams engineer plugins to work with any WordPress site.

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Easily transferred

If a feature for your site is embedded in the theme's codebase, then changing theme's suddenly becomes a nightmare. Any features that you want in the new theme have to be extracted and moved over. A very time consuming and costly exercise.

All our custom WordPress plugins are built to be fully transferable between WordPress installations.

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Simply by their nature, plugins group code together. When our WordPress plugin development teams build plugins, they're clearly commented and organised which makes maintenance of the codebase much easier.

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Up-time Protection

When a custom plugin on a site fails, it's typically much easier to get it working again. This is down to the fact that you don't have to wait for a response from a support terminal and for them to roll out an update. All the while, your site is down and it could be so you can't actually access the plugin updater once an update is distributed.