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Web Development

Four key elements go into a well developed website. Speed, reliability, longevity and security.

Web Development Team

Any design is only as good as the execution of that design. A site that is well refined and runs smoothly day after day is only going to support your brand. Well built websites add credibility and encourage brand loyalty. Nobody is going to come back to a site that’s torture to navigate for a second time.

We focus on several key aspects when developing websites. Speed, longevity, security and manageability. All of these elements combined and executed properly result in you having a website that will stand you in good stead for years to come.

Furthermore, when built properly with the future in mind, a well developed website forms a solid foundation for future growth. It should be possible to grow a website with your company. When we build sites, we follow the BEM methodology meaning every element in the user interface is its own, reusable component. This provides flexibility within the codebase that enables quick and easy creation of new page templates using existing components.

All this equates to a site that you don’t ever need worry about and allows you to focus on what you do best – build your company!

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Slick, refined websites. Google loves them, your users love them so have us build you one

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Custom WordPress Themes

Custom built WordPress websites should always be the preferred option. They are built bespoke to your business and needs and when built well, give a solid footing for future growth.

You will find they are quicker for your users and easier for you to manage the content. Our expert developers know WordPress like the back of their hand so you can sleep easy knowing that you are getting the absolute best work money can buy.

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Custom WordPress Plugins

If you need a bit of new functionality then you're in luck thanks to the WordPress plugin system. As developers, we are able to code a new feature for your website independent to the theme so should you ever wish to change the look of your site, and thus the theme, you don't lose that functionality or data.

We can build a plugin to do whatever you can dream of - so long as it is actually technically possible!

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API Integration

3rd party integrations are a vital part of the web in today's world and the API they offer is how we connect the two together. It may be you wish to submit data to a CRM. Possibly check a user's location based on their IP address or connect to a payment processor. Whatever your requirements, we can connect your site to a 3rd party service via the provided API.

Over the years, our developers have worked with countless different APIs from the good, the bad and the downright ugly!