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Logo Design

Create an unforgettable image that people immediately associate with your brand.

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The logo is the face of your company. The logo is what they remember when they come into contact with your brand. People don’t describe the website’s design when describing the brand, they describe the logo!

Our process works to produce a logo which is both memorable but relevant to the brand and marketplace. The logo design service works to develop a logo that exactly fits your brand and your vision.

The Process

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A consultant spends time with you to understand your business objectives and build up a profile of your company's personality. This guides us to design a logo that you will love and your customers will remember.

1 - 4 hours

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Members from various teams assemble to research what is the best logo for your brand. Competitor analysis helps identify what is popular in the marketplace so your logo is relevant.

Research is correlated into a concept document which your consultant will then review with you. Samples of styles of logo will be provided so you can steer the direction of the design process.

1 - 2 days

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Draft Designs

A series of draft logos are drawn up. These are typically all quite different and draw upon everything we've learnt so far in the process.

You're presented with a range of options. You pick the logo that fits your vision best to be taken forward to the final draft stage.

1 - 2 weeks

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Final Drafts

A second round of drafts is provided to you to pick the logo to be taken through to final design.

1 week

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Production Logo

The final step is the production of the final logo. Variations of the logo are provided for use in different spaces such as website header, business card or email signature.

A range of colour options can be provided if desired, based upon your colour theme.

1 week

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Your new logo is ready to be sent out into the wild.

Some Logos We've Designed