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From the CEO: Announcing our C-19 Response Package

Matt Campbell | Press Release

When the government announced it was closing the high-street I, GloboTek CEO Matt Campbell, started to think about what we could do to help. The grey matter started firing on all cylinders and as with all my best ideas, it arrived en route to bed at around 1:20am. By 1:25am, I’m back at my desk as the bones of an idea to help the high-street had started to take shape.

I am now pleased to reveal what I produced during a marathon of thinking, coding and writing:

An E-commerce website package designed to be a turnkey solution to get small business owners selling online. Central to this package is that I am deferring all payments for 90 days. There are no credit checks or applications; it’s a pure and simple 90-day payment deferral. I see this being the principal way I can help in the current crisis. If I can help people take their business online as cheaply and quickly as possible, I will feel I have made a positive contribution. The current situation demands unity, cooperation and innovation and if business can help business, it should.

We at GloboTek can launch sites in a matter of days at low cost. The core of this package is an E-commerce website which would normally cost £3,500 inc VAT. I’m reducing this by half to £1,750 inc VAT. This is the total amount you will pay, however the service will not end there. It’s all well and good having a website but what about a Facebook page, web hosting and someone to look after it all? 

Well, I have asked our design team to get involved and add a bunch of design-related extras such as logo and Facebook images, alongside all the technical freebies that consist of hosting, site care and Google set up, worth an additional £1,380 for absolutely nothing. Full details of the package can be found here and gives you a breakdown of what’s included and how to buy it. 

I want to make clear, that we want to engage with interested customers. This isn’t something we are hoping people will buy blind. It is important to me that I get to know you before we build your website and I would like to speak with you to find out a little more about your business. And I assure you that it will be me that you speak to throughout the process.

We keep hearing that we’re facing the toughest test of our way of life since World War 2, and I believe that is true. What I see is the high-street independent trader suffering the most and at risk of losing everything. Whereas a plumber or electrician is still technically able to work, those of you who rely upon your spot on a high-street had no option. The government have pledged to take care of us all financially but that is still some way off becoming a reality. The financing options available to small business owners haven’t increased. The banks’ call centres are being totally overwhelmed so actually speaking to a lender is nigh on impossible and the brokers are now looking to the banks so aren’t a viable option. Cash is tight and options are limited. Now you have another option, one that is pro-active as it provides an opportunity to start selling again – even if it’s through a new medium.

I will be available to anyone who needs help, even if it’s just as a sounding board or to ask for advice on how to move forward. I promise you will not be sold to if you call me. To get in touch with me, please call 01905 570735 or email [email protected]. I will personally respond to all emails as quickly as possible between 10am and 6pm.

I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe everyone!

Matt Campbell,
GloboTek CEO

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