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Best Designed UK Zoo Websites

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Having recently carried out quick audits on the most popular UK zoos’ websites, we wanted to put together a list of our top 5 best designed UK zoo websites.

1. Edinburgh Zoo

In our review of the UK’s most popular zoos’ websites, Edinburgh Zoo won by a clear margin scoring 26 from a potential 30 points.

The website design is pretty much perfect. The visual hierarchy is on point, the most important content grabs your attention immediately. The user is taken on a journey through the page and everything is clearly defined and organised. This is the science behind good web design and developing something to be considered as the best designed.

Edinburgh Zoo’s website design is also very aesthetically pleasing. The use of fonts creates a website that is fun and energetic. Exactly what you want a zoo website to be doing.

It’s easy for us to rank Edinburgh Zoo as number 1 in our Top 5 Best Designed UK Zoo Websites.

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2. Folly Farm

If Folly Farm had the visitor numbers to get it into the top 5 most popular zoos in the UK, it would have been very close to winning our review. It is a superb site and easily one of the best designed UK zoo websites.

The reason we’re ranking it behind Edinburgh Zoo is there’s a couple of very minor things that could be done to improve the design and it’s a little more basic than Edinburgh Zoo’s.

However, the simplicity of the design is what makes it work so well. Everything is easily digested and the pages are light. This makes the user engage with the content quickly and fully, a superb example of getting the basics right.

A design doesn’t need to be fancy or clever. It’s purpose is to present the content in a manner that makes the user’s life as simple as possible. Folly Farm does this brilliantly and take second spot in our Top 5 Best Designed UK Zoo Websites.

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3. Chessington Zoo

A true behemoth of a website and company. Chessington Zoo is part of Chessington World Of Adventures which in turn, is part of Merlin Entertainments Group. If we’re looking at which site in our list of best designed UK zoo websites has the most resources, it’s Chessington Zoo.

The Chessington Zoo website is very nicely designed but not without it faults. It’s well produced but perhaps lacking refinement and polish.

There are little instances where the visual hierarchy is a little off or a bit more negative space could be used to make things easier to take in. It’s quite easy to miss elements of a page which are important, such as links.

We do like the general design style of Chessington Zoo a lot. It’s fun and engaging, full of energy and reflects what a day at the zoo is all about. Chessington Zoo takes 3rd spot in our Top 5 Best Designed UK Zoo Websites.

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4. Bristol Zoo

We love the Bristol Zoo website design and yet, it only ranks 4th in our list. For everything the design does well, there are negatives that hold it back. Bristol Zoo is another that featured in our Most Popular UK Zoos’ Websites review and we awarded 4 from 5 for the design.

The fonts and colours in the website design make it a fun and energetic experience. The layout of the pages is excellent with everything nicely arranged.

The negatives are minor but noticeable. There’s some slightly random and not particularly well executed design decisions. For example, the header background colour changes on some pages but the heading font colour remains orange. There’s areas where some greater attention to detail would improve the design.

Bristol Zoo very much deserves to be part of this list as it is a great example of what a zoo website can look like. It just needs a little refinement to make it really awesome. Bristol Zoo finishes in 4th on our list of Top 5 Best Designed UK Zoo Websites .

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5. Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo is another with a new website for 2019 and featured in our Most Popular UK Zoos’ Websites review. We awarded the website design 4 out of 5 and it would have scored more but for a couple of minor, annoying design bugs.

The Colchester Zoo website design is excellent. It’s clear, crisp and engaging. It’s not the most exciting design in this list but it was one of the most well executed and produced.

It takes a very worthy position in our Top 5 Best Designed UK Zoo Websites list and is a great example of zoo website design.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our little write up and insight into what we think is great design work.

If you would like us to review a site, please get in touch and let us know. We’re always happy to talk over anything web or digital marketing related.

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